• Fan made of Fe360 sheet. The fan paint finish is based on a Qualicoat polyester powder coating stoved at 200ºC, with an average film thickness of 70 microns. Average heat resistence of coating is 180ºC with peaks of 200ºC.
• Fully welded housing.
• Single inlet backward impeller with self-cleaning system made of Fe360 sheet statically and dynamically balanced.
Impellers are painted with polyester primer that resists temperatures up to 300ºC.
• Standard asynchronous squirrel-cage motor with IP-55 protection and class F insulation. Manufactured with standard voltages: 230V/400V 50Hz in single phase motors and 230/400V 50Hz in three phase motors up to 4kW and 400/690V 50Hz for higher powers.
• Standard orientation LG270.
• It allows adjusting the orientation locally from models 400 to 630. Models sizes from 710 to 1400 size the orientation is fixed.


Designed for inline installation, they are suitable for:
• Industrial applications, extraction or injection of air.
• Cooling of machines and parts.
• Clean and slightly dusty air transport.
• Exhaust after filters, separators and cyclones.
• Pneumatic transport.
• Maximum working temperature: carried air: 130ºC, ambient: 60ºC.


· Fans for 60Hz and special voltages.
· 2 speed motor.
· C4 or C5 coating painting
· Hot dip galvanized
· Special steel (Cor-Ten A, Hardox...)
· Inox 304 (normal or electropolished finish)
· Inox 316 (normal or electropolished finish)
· Cooling wheel
· Anticaloric paint
· Reinforced housing
· Fully welded housing (waterproof)
· Insulated housing
· Split casing (for big sizes)
· Inspection door to facilitate maintenance and cleaning
· Drain plug.
· Airtight axle
· Frontal foot
· Double suction flange
· Available in the following versions:
    - Non-sparking air passage and standard motor.
    - ATEX II3GD Ex_na
    - ATEX II3G Ex_e
    - ATEX II3GD Ex_d
· Other brands of motors.
· Orientation: RD0, RD45, RD90, RD135, RD180, RD225, RD270, RD315, LG0, LG45, LG90, LG135, LG180. LG225, LG315.

MPBID 402 T2 3kW
MPBID 451 T2 4kW
MPBID 633 T4 3kW
MPBID 634 T4 4kW
MPBID 713 T4 4kW
MPBID 905 T6 4kW
MPBID 502 T2 11kW
MPBID 561 T2 11kW
MPBID 562 T2 15kW
MPBID 631 T2 22kW
MPBID 632 T2 30kW
MPBID 711 T2 37kW
MPBID 712 T2 45kW
MPBID 801 T2 75kW
MPBID 802 T2 90kW
MPBID 804 T4 11kW
MPBID 903 T4 15kW
MPBID 904 T4 22kW
MPBID 1001 T4 30kW
MPBID 1002 T4 37kW
MPBID 1004 T6 11kW
MPBID 1121 T4 45kW
MPBID 1122 T4 55kW
MPBID 1123 T6 15kW
MPBID 1251 T4 75kW
MPBID 1253 T6 22kW
MPBID 1254 T6 30kW
MPBID 1403 T6 37kW
MPBID 1404 T6 55kW
MPBID 401 T2 2,2kW
MPBID 452 T2 5,5kW
MPBID 501 T2 7,5kW
MPBID 563 T4 1,5kW
MPBID 564 T4 2,2kW
MPBID 714 T4 5,5kW
MPBID 803 T4 7,5kW
MPBID 901 T2 132kW
MPBID 902 T2 160kW
MPBID 906 T6 5,5kW
MPBID 1003 T6 7,5kW
MPBID 1252 T4 110kW
MPBID 1401 T4 132kW
MPBID 1402 T4 160kW
MPBID 1124 T6 18,5kW