• Specially designed for speed frequency control in ventilation applications.
• Ultra compact, simple operation and wide range of functions.

*Dial panel incorporated. Optional EMC filter.

Certifications: CE/UL/CSA/EN/GOST/CCC.

Protection index IP20.

The selection of SFC frequency drive speed controller must be made based on the maximum intensity absorbed by the fan to be regulated. The powers (kW) and the intensity for constant load refer to the normal duty (150% overload for 60 seconds). The intensity for quadratic load admits an overload of 110% during 60s.

SFC 230: Entrance 230V I, exit 230V III
SFC 400: Entrance 400V III, exit 400V III

EMC filter incorporated for models from 47A (included)

*Lineal load rated current

**Quadratic load rated current

SFC 230 I 7A *
SFC 230 I 10A *
SFC 230 I 2,5A *
SFC 230 I 4,2A *
SFC 400 III 5A *
SFC 400 III 8A *
SFC 400 III 12A *
SFC 400 III 16A *
SFC 400 III 23A *
SFC 400 III 1,2A *
SFC 400 III 2,2A *
SFC 400 III 3,6A *
SFC 400 III 77A **
SFC 400 III 93A **
SFC 400 III 116A **
SFC 400 III 29,5A *